About Us!

Whether you already have a fledgling internet affiliate business, or you’re a complete beginner looking for an ingenious way to make a living, here at Email Profit Academy we understand the challenges you’re currently facing. We also know how to face those challenges head on and smash down the hurdles to your success – from not knowing where to start, not seeing the sales you need coming in, not being able to scale your business, or whatever else your concerns are.

Try us, we can help.

Shawn Josiah, the founder of Email Profit Academy, made his first million online at the young age of 26 and has since triple his net worth in the next 5 years. He now amassed a portfolio of 5 luxury investment properties in top tier countries like Singapore and United Kingdom - all through the Email Profit System. As an international entrepreneur and a seven-figure affiliate marketer, Shawn is perfectly positioned to teach you everything you need to know to start and build a highly profitable online business.

The result?

The financial freedom you crave – freedom to do what you want, when you want, travel or even live wherever you desire, and have the time AND money to focus on your friends, family, and loved ones.
If you’re looking to make a substantial full-time income from anywhere in the world (we’ve worked with students from the United States, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and more..), proving that it doesn’t matter where you are located at, the system will work! Don’t waste your time with companies that don’t have the proven track record we do – our graduate success record to date on making money online is 100%!
With the tools and techniques I’ve perfected over the years, I’ve been blessed to have smashed my financial goals in life. And now, through the Email Profit Academy, I’m helping people just like you from all over the world achieve the same financial and personal success I experienced… working 1 hour a day while creating a full-time income, using only emails!